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Help please VIN decode on 1948 packard

jerry whitfield

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Please help me decode this vin # on 1948 4 door sedan:


the title says "model 226" but I also dont know what that means.

thanks for your help.

jerry whitfield

North Carolina

please: use your email server and email me directly since I dont come to this forum often. thankyou, again!

my email is wwhitfield@triad.rr.com

If anyone has any information about how many of this series car were made in 1948, I would appreciate knowing it.

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The 1948 Packards are known as the 22nd series cars. A 2262 is a deluxe version of the basic touring sedan on the bottom-of-the line Eight chassis; the chassis is a 2211 meaning the small 288 cubic inch in-line 8 with 5 main bearings on the short wheelbase (120 inches). The car is usually called an Eight DeLuxe and has nicer interior fittings than the Eight touring sedan which was a 2292.

29972 means it was the 27972nd one of this exact model produced (base starting number was 2001).

Incidently, it's not truely a VIN as these were defined by the US government in format etc. and your car predates that regulation. It's just as it says on the plate, a vehicle number or VN.

The large embossed number of the cowl is the "thief-proof" number and generally cannot be traced to anything, but there is also a small metal tag near the heater box which has the number applied by the body maker, Briggs. This number should be the same as or within about 25 numbers of the VN.

The "model 226" on the title is just meaningless jibberish, they probably forgot the "2" at the end.

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