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Help! with Door Wiring

Richard S

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I took the door panel off my 90 coupe. Now I can't seem to remember:

1. A black wire plugs into one side of the courtesy light at the rear of the door panel [in addition to the two plug harness]. Which side does the black wire go to? Should there be a wire for both sides?

2. There is a bulb that is on a metal clip. It is wired grey and black. Where does this clip to? What does it illuminate?

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the black wire near the courtesy lamp is for the fiber optic connection to light the ring around the keyhole on the outside of the door. there will be two places to connect it on the top of the lamp bezel; either is fine.

the other wire is for the illumination of the inside door handle. if you look on the top section of the black bezel that goes behind the inside door handle, you will see a small hole in the top of the bezel.

position the clip onto the back of the door panel so the lamp will shine thru the hole in the bezel.

hope this helps.



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