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Lancaster PA - 1988 Reatta For Sale - Pics Posted - $ 1600


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Background: I have owned this car for past 3 years or so which I purchased from my parents who have owned since 1992. I have almost all service records since 1992.

I started a business (traveling quite a bit in sales) and I need a 4 door car.

In November I had throttle position sensor replaced as well as accumulator (paid $ 664 for repairs).

Last week brakes failed. Replaced Pump Pressure Control Switch, oil changed and flushed cooling system (paid $ 558).

Car inspection until March, dealer said it needs a new right sway bar link, left inner tie rod, left lower ball joint and front rotors. I am not a wrench and can't fix myself so I bought another car. Dealership estimated repairs at $900 but I am sure you could do much cheaper at private garage.

In October I replace plugs, wires and air filter.

I have 2 months to sell so make an offer. Car runs well but won't pass inspection. I am obtaining pictures.

Year:1988 Coupe with 172,386 miles

Considered Correct? Yes

Location: Lancaster PA with a clear title

Only accident was my father slid into fence which scratched upper rear fender to the metal. slight rust but no dent.

Asking Price: $ 1,600

Not willing to trade this white with burgandy int car.

Paint Original? Yes but poor condition.

Belt & Bumper Molding Color: Black

Body Dents: No

Body Rust: No just minor rust at scratch

Windshield Chipped or Cracked? Nope.

Vent Glass Intact? Yes

Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? Good

Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? Good

Out Side Mirrors Intact? Yes.

Headlight Motors Function Correctly? Yes but driver side needs Barney Eaton piece.

Tail Light Lens: Cloudy

Interior Original? Yes with working 16 way seats but leather is in poor condition.

Drivers interior door panel condition? Good

Passengers interior door panel condition? Good

Center console top armrest condition? Good

Door weather stripping condition? Good

Headliner Condition? Good

Carpet Condition? Fair

Original Floor Mats: Yes in Fair Condition

Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: Fair

Sun Roof? Not retractable, tilts only.

Functional Keyless Entry? No

Problems with Electronic Dash items? Yes, flicker on and off

Power Windows Work Correctly? Yes

Power Seats Work Correctly? Yes

Power Door Locks Work Correctly?Yes

Power Antenna Work Correctly? Yes

Original Sound System? Yes but no CD player and the cassette player ate my Janes Addiction tape when I put it in.

A/C Functional? Yes but dealer so it has some leaks, I have never had a problem and it always blew could for me and it is R12.

Does the suspension require any attention? Described prior.

Tire Brand:

Remaining Tread:

Are All Tires Matched? (Y/N)

Factory Wheels? Yes with caps in fair condition and none missing.

Any Brake Components Replaced? See above.

Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? Nov 2008

Original Engine? Yes runs strong IMHO

Original Engine Rebuilt? Nope

Does Engine require attention? Not that I am aware and I had to dealership twice in last six weeks and they did full diagnostic and could come up with nothing that I have not listed. I can scan and email work orders.

When was last tune up? 11/2008.

Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? Described above.

How often do you change the oil? 4000 miles

Original Transmission? Yes

Original Transmission Rebuilt? No

Does Transmission require attention? No

When was last Transmission Service? when purchased 3 years ago and garage said it was fine.

Any Transmission Leaks? Not that I am aware

Have CV joints been replaced? Unsure.

I have most receipts for this vehicle's service history since 1992.

Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? No. I have owners manual only.

In General, What items need attention?

My Reatta Drives good (getting to 80 is not a problem)

I am the 3rd owner of this Reatta.

I have owned this Reatta for 3 Years (rough guess)

Contact Me at 717-333-7081 or email me at astonrickenbach@hotmail.com.

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I tried posting thru that yesterday for the pics and it kept telling me photos were too large even though they weren't. Thanks for the info and I will try again.

I was using Firefox and I know that is a problem with some websites.

I will try it using IE.

PS. I opened the pics from my previous post by cutting and pasting the website to the toolbar box which shows what website you are on (don't know official title). I got it to work on my office computer.

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  • 2 months later...

my experience.

No real action from this site but the sales form was helpful and good place to direct interested parties as I had pictures here.

Craigslist - just received offers from scammers.

Auto Locator or similar auto sales magazine in your area, got the most interest and calls. Cost me $38 for a two week cycle which included print and internet posting. If you want to move a vehicle quick I would suggest that. I listed under the rare and unique section. I would say I got 6 or 7 calls total.

I could have sold it even if this deal fell through as somebody called the day after I got a commitment and was really interested.

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Guest re-reatta

There are scammers on Craigslist, but it is also a useful tool to use when selling something. I posted a Dodge Dakota and a Triumph Spitfire in early February. I sold the Dakota within 3 days to a local buyer and sold the Spitfire to a buyer from Indiana about 3 weeks later. I am located in Pennsylvania. I didn't get any crank inquiries at all. You just have to be careful not to jump at any "Too good to be true" offers or you could get burned. It's free and it worked for me.

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The Craig list scammers wanted to send a certified check from a bank and then after I deposited it, they would send a third party to pick up the car.

I returned an email stating that I would accept cash via Western Union only and would reduce price of the car another $100 to pay for the cost.

I never heard anything back after that.

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