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who know the price of options?

Guest daveagain909

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Guest daveagain909

Who knows the price of options as listed on the window stickers. I was making a sticker for my new old 1990 black reatta convertible and found that I do not know the price of the following options for 1990:

1. 16 way seats:

2. cd player <span style="color: #993399">$346</span>

3. cloth top vs vinyl top? was there a price difference?

4. I did find that the pin stripe delete is <span style="color: #993399">-$40.</span>

5. base price?( this might be different depending on month built) convertible: <span style="color: #993399">$34,995 </span>Hard top <span style="color: #993399">$28,335</span>

6. shipping: <span style="color: #993399">$550</span>

If the prices I have are wrong or different let me know?

again this is for the 1990 convertible and hard top.

If I get enough information on all years including base price I would put together a list of all years and all options.

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Rogers sticker shows the prices but they are hard to read.

16 way seat option =$680 all years

Sunroof option = $895

CD player = $396

California emissions =$100

That was the extent of the normal options.

In 1990, the Select Sixty trim option added $186

If your car had the pinstripe delete option, $45 was deducted

In 1991, white wheels could be ordered on white cars $100

In 1991 white interior was a $100 option.

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