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moisture barrier & other issues

Richard S

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I decided to replace the front speakers on my 90 white. It was a one owner "little old lady" vehicle I got with 65k on it so I was surprised to see that when I removed the passenger door panel, someone had been in there before me. Looks like they might have replaced a window or window motor because they declined to replace 2 of the 4 bolts that hold the gear mechanism to the door. I can understand why. The bolts go in from the inside with the locknuts facing the cabin. They are obstructed and so are too long to replace unless you remove the gear mechanism from the door and take it apart. The only way I could do it short of that was to drill out the hole in the door so they would angle up through the larger hole.

They also broke one of the holders on the panel for the plastic bolts, and ignored two plastic bolts the evidently lost or mangled. I repaired broken holder and got the plastic bolts at Lowes [the heads were a little larger than stock, but snipping the sides works].

They omitted the moisture barrier altogether. I got a 4 mil plastic drop cloth at WalMart which seems about right, but wonder how essential the barrier is. I notice that the barrier goes under the rubber grommets that hold the door panel plastic bolts.

Finally, I notice that the window slows and screams at about the midpoint. I read here that there was an issue with track adjustment on the 90s. There are two bolts at the bottom of the track that I loosened and worked the window without achieving much difference. Is there another adjustment point? Is there a lube one might use, perhaps a teflon spray for the channel?

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