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TC for TVR - any traders out there?

Guest MiamiTVR

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Guest MiamiTVR

This is a long shot I know.

About once a month in the spring and fall I open the garage, remove the napped cover from my TVR and drive it out to the Tail of the Dragon and commence to "slaying the dragon". It is a gentle and easy ride out and back. It is one scary fast roller coaster while doing the "slaying" (626 curves in 22 miles). I love this car but am losing my reflexes and, lacking the proper self control, I should sell or trade it.

So I wonder if there is a TC owner that would like to do some trading? I would only be interested a TC in condition comparable to mine and I perceive this as a trade down with the TVR having the greater value.

Mine is a rare black with black on soft cream leather with special order black piping and real wood. 1986 280i. The mileage is in the lower 30s. It is one of the best ones I have seen but not at all perfect. It has never been smoked in that I know. It is dependable. economical and great fun.

Black or yellow with buckskin are my favorite combinations. I would not consider cabernet. I do not like black interior unless it is in a black car. Non-smoker cars only.

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