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Don Hudd

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My panel lights do not work, nor does the courtsy lights. I was reading the troubleshooting for the panel lights on the Reatta Journal that was written by Howard. I did the test with the dimmer switch and the speedometer did not dim(my ctr also does not light up, but works radio and heater, just can't read the display) the trans display light also not working.

Howard states that there are 2 110 volt inverters, where are these inverters and can they be replaced. I do not have any "light show", but would like one. The power windows and mirrors do work.

Can anyone shed some "light" on this subject?

Thanks a lot


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Hey Don, the inverter for the console lights is located inside the console just back of the ashtray. The inverter for the dash lights is located above & behind the IPC near the headlight switch. Top of the dashboard has to be removed to access. I got my replacement from Jim Finn.

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I r&r'd my dash inverter from the bottom but my arm looked like it had been in a cat fight afterwards. Inverter is about the size/shape of a relay but has a 110v warning sticker onnit.

CRT not lighting up is a different problem.

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