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1928 Graham Fire Truck


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Hi, I'm new here.

We have in our possession a 1928 Graham Brothers (Canada) truck, and it is in rough shape. It is a City of Duncan (British Columbia) Fire Truck that was in service from 1928 to 1952. It made its way back to the Duncan Fire Fighters Historical Society (DFFHS). We are wondering if it is a 1-ton or 2-ton chassis. We do not have much documentation on the truck, and would like to know about getting correct parts for the '28 model.

6-cylinder engine, ran 8 years ago

Before & After pictures:



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Guest Ed_Joyce

I am not a Graham expert but I own a 1928 3/4 ton model and have a sales book on 1927 models and there is a picture of a fire truck similiar to yours but shorter in it. I also have a operation and care book that covers the 1 1/2 ton and 2 ton trucks of these years. I will not sell these books but can offer information from them. By looking at your photos you must have the 162" wheelbase and could be a 1 1/2 or 2 ton truck. Both chassis were available in that length. I think I see that you have hydraulic brakes. My truck is mechanical brakes. We are in the transition years from 4 to 6 cylinders and switching to hydraulic brakes. Your rear end was made by Graham Brothers and is heavier than my Dodge brothers drive train. You have quite a project to get that truck back together but I hope you have good luck with it. Do you have rear wheels for it? It's a shame that the headlight lenses are broke. I have never seen GB headlight lenses on ebay in over 5 years but they may be out there somewhere. What fire appartus body was on the truck originally? You can PM me and we can talk further if you'd like



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i am a maint LT at Richwood Fire Dept, we have a 1923 graham fire truck. This truck is in ex shape,where could we find any parts for it. i put electronic ingtion in it i was trying to find another set for it

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