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HERSHEY...Are things Up & Runnin on Wednesday?

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Thanks guys...went yesterday. It just wouldn't be Fall without a journey to Hershey.

The sad news is that many vendors said they were as much as 50% off for a "typical" Wednesday. Sign of the times I suppose.

We did spend the day wandering...looking...chatting, etc...a most enjoyable day.

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Arrived here at about 2:30 pm. Purchased a couple of clothing items at the headquarters booth.

Saw West Peterson there. eek.gifsmile.gif

Caught my usual abuse from him, then I heard someone holler out to me.....Terry Bond was right across from the Giant Center, so spend most of the afternoon with him.

Terry knows everybody. grin.gif

Terry had all kinds of brass lamps, post cards, calendars, and other items too numerous to mention. Tried to find something cheap ( blush.giffrown.gif ) to buy, but I found out that some of his items were WOH! Valuable! grin.gif

Just kidding Terry!


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