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FS 1929 Studebaker Commmander 6 Coupe


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I have a '29 Studebaker Commander 6 Coupe for sale. The car came from an estate here in So. Ca.. and has been in storage since around 1997. The car is about 80% completed with lots of extra parts including wheels, headlights and mechanical parts. Some of the parts include etched glass wind wings with re-chromed brackets, two complete doors with no rust and all the mechanisms, extra spare tire carrier, extra steering column and steering wheel, extra gas tank that looks to be in good condition (?), extra transmission, drive shaft, 2 brake drums and backing plates with shoes in so-so condition, extra front and rear bumpers, a seat cushion, extra radiator and shell (radiator would probably need fixing for show, the shell is rusted at the bottom), extra window frames and front windshield, and a fresh ( 10 yrs ago? ) plated radiator stone guard. All this will go with the car. The motor was supposed to have been completely rebuilt. It has a new carb., fuel pump etc. but never started or had gas in it since rebuild. The rest of the running gear including the trans., rear end and brakes also appear to have been reconditioned. All 4 tires are new and the spare is still in the wrapper with a vinyl cover. Most chrome was redone and the Burgundy leather interior was started. It just needs finishing to make it a true collector car. You do the work and reap the rewards. Among the items needing completion is the interior ( have kick panels, extra leather plus burgundy carpet ), the wiring ( mostly done ) and some other small details. The one part (2) that I know is missing for sure is the door retaining clips that keep the doors in the closed position. The owner had sent them out for plating (?) and they either lost them or he passed away before getting them back. All the other door hardware is there?

The car is located in La Verne, Ca. just east of Los Angeles

I can be reached at teachntom@earthlink.net. I have several more pictures available and can take more photos of any issues you may have. Your personal or agent inspection is welcome. I know the car is probably not exact but is still a nice representation of the mark. Their is some out of date California paper work that shows it was being transfered back in 1991 but never completed. Thanks for your interest! Tom





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