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I just acquired a lot of unknowns!? Help!?


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A buddy of mine just bought a house. IN the garage were a lot of parts. I need some help IDing them.

I think a lot of them are Ford Flathead parts, but I can't figure out years.

I have a lot of pics! So I put them on my photobucket site.

It is


Check them out and let me know.

I hop its not too many pics to look at.



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This should work: http://s498.photobucket.com/albums/rr343/jwolf19

Yes, there's lots. Looks like the bulk are remains of a disassembled 1935 Ford; the dash, the radio, the green panels etc. An interesting after market chrome accessory in the center of the Ford Hood. Accessory Ford wheel dress-up bands (not sure if '35). Other interesting items too numerous to mention. Good Luck.

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Jeremy, that is a lot of stuff. Starting with pge 1 the headlight bar with headlights are 1930 or '31 model A Ford, the horn is not Model A, The Radiator Shell is 1930 Model A Ford, The hub Caps are '35 car or Truck Ford, Pge 6 the Dist. and carb. are also Model A Ford '28 to 31 depending on the side marking, Pge 7 the starter is Model A Ford, the heads are '32 to '36 Ford and the water pump at the bottom is for the same, the upper one I don't know, Pge 8 the heads are again for the '32 to '36 Ford, the Radiator if it fits the previously mention shell will fit the '30 or '31 Ford if it is shorter, then it fits the '28 or '29 Ford and lastly on pge 10 the trans and bell housing look to be Chevrolet. Hope this helps. Also if the carb on the first page is either aa Stromberg 94 , 97 or 81 I would be interested in purchasing it. (teachntom@earthlink.net)

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Guest 1928Packard526

DocsGal —

The pieces I see in your last post I believe are deflectors to boost the amount of air that could be directed into the car at the small front vent windows. These were in vogue in the 50s and 60s. They are a pair, with one fitting the left side and the other for the right. If the plastic is restorable they will make a good accessory addition here in the south for any car of that era lacking A/C.

Pete P,

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