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40/41 3 window


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Afternoon Rick,

Yes indeed, that would help a ton. All I really need is to see how the area between the frame floor and the body of the car appears. This would be the area behind the door post. A photo from the bottom would be fine if you could do that, from inside would work also of it is visible, but I doubt it is.



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Thanks Keith,

I downloaded those also, but they really don't show what I need to see. I need to see the actual sheetmetal and how it looks from the floor pan to the inside edge of the body, just aft of the door opening.

I am grafting the body of a 3 window onto a donor car which was a 41 sedan 4 door, and the donor car does not have this area as it had a door instead.


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Guest rickomo1

tom i dont know if this is really going to help but here are a couple of pictures. the area you are talking about is covered by a false wood floor and has thin wood up the side of the back to hold the carpet. as the area will be hidden you could do what you want as long as you leave clearance for the false floor.




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Keith here,

Tom, I know that this is a little late in coming, but I drove over to St. George from Vegas to visit my "41 3 window in storage. I thought of you and your request.. I hope this one of the interior behind the door post is still of some value.

I also shot the original leather driver door panel. This was an upgrade for my car in '41. Perhaps it might be of value for anyone wanting to know the pattern for leather upgrade 3 window.


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