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1928 Dodge Victory 6

Levi B

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Hello there.

I am a new user to forums so any input on posting would be of some help, but what I really need is some input on my friends 1928 victory 6 5window 2dr coupe. It was running 5 years ago, but some electrical work needs to be completed. ( laugh.gif ...how much electrical can there really be. hehe)

He would like to sell it, but has no idea what it's worth. There doesn't seem to be much information out there on this car. The information I have found I don't know if the sources are <span style="text-decoration: underline">good</span> sources...i figure my best information would come from this type of communication. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'll try and post a picture, we'll see if it works. Thanks for the help. Levi.


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As far as worth, I would have to see it in person to determine, but this is what my Dodge book says about the car.....personally, I am a coupe loving kinda guy and I wish I had the means to get it for myself.




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Neither book shows production numbers. I would be able to give you a ballpark figure with a few more photos and information. If it runs good and has a decent interior with all pieces being there, condition of metal...rust or no rust? Those few things will determine worth. The fenders look a little wavy on the sides and I see some rust. Is there rust through? Is the car primered over bondo? All of those questions need to be addressed.

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I am sure it is a neat car and not to pick apart but it looks like in the big picture as if the lower door skin is missing?? Drivers side??? Looks like a neat car though but I have to say dosent anyone keep anything anymore???

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