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Saying I can't be Trusted !!!


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Hello Everyone,

I just bought a 1936 Olds to Part out !! I had a Collector BooBoo35@aol.com Bob something try to buy some parts w/o me putting them on ebay !! He offered me $150.00 for the Right Taillight (Which all you know is low)I had about 15 emails wanting to buy it ranging from $150.00 to $400.00 , so I put it on ebay to be fair & Started at $9.99 and HE also tried to buy the Straight 8 Grille for $200.00 which I sold for $700.00 !! Now he's saying I cant be Trusted ???? on a Forum somewhere ???

Does anyone know where He posted this so I can at Least tell my Side !!!

b96887@yahoo.com is one of my emails

Thanks Steve

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Don't worry about it. When you react you fall into his kind of thinking. To be fair, I always put my parts on ebay starting at low prices and let the market decide. IF someone is into your year/model etc, they already do regular searches and will check your parts out.

ebay is not perfect but it makes the market homogenous. He can post all day long how horrible you are but it won't trump ebay feedback. Won't trump actual transactions.

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