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FS 1971 Vista Cruiser

Guest maherj22000

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Guest maherj22000

Ok, I'm hesitant but think I have found my 'holy grail' car. My wife says only one at a time so if all goes well with the new purchase, sadly, I will have to sell my Vista Cruiser.

Car is stunning and must be one of the most original Vista's left. Saturn gold, black int, basic Vista with A/C (works great). I am the third owner, 50,000 miles, 900+ points at the Olds Nationals in Minnesota a couple years ago in the 'unrestored' class (documentation to new owner). This car is unmolested to say the least. Featured in Collectibe Automobile a couple of years ago when they did the special on skywagons.

I'm entertaining offers and can be emailed at maherj2@hotmail.com




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Guest drcutlass

Hey there Maherj22000,,,,,I saw this car pictured on the Sky Wagon site where I just registered a few moments ago,, looking for parts to finish my 1970 Vista Cruiser. I clicked on the photo, and the post is no longer available there. I was surprised to see the same car here. I'm also surprised that there's nothing going on in the classifieds on the sky wagon club site. I have a guy who's willing to sell me a 1972 Vista Cruiser parts car for $150.00,,but he's dragging his feet a little, not having time to sort through his parts to determine what he still needs from the parts car before he sells it to me. Since you have one of these awesome cars yourself,, maybe you know where I can go to find other people into Vista Cruisers who can assist me in my search for parts, as I just can't wait on this guy forever. I know it's a long shot, but I'm grasping at straws now. I have a long story behind my 1970 Vista Cruiser that I'd love to share with you,,time,,time?? You can go to ClassicOldsmobile .com and look me up there under the name drcutlass and read up about it if you want. I have a question for you:

What is your "Holy Grail" car?? What car could be so important to you that would make you decide to actually sell this magnificent beautiful and rare Vista Cruiser? I'm just dieing to know....My "wife", for example, bought a 1970 Cutlass Supreme,,just so I'd have a toy to play with...then I found my 1970 Vista Cruiser, that I built 16 years ago, and then lost it (it got towed away,,long story) for sale on ClassicOldsmobile.com and we flew to FL. and and bought it back. I already had a 1974 Vista Cruiser, now we have three Oldsmobiles and I'm trying to buy another one for parts,,,and she's all for it. Nobody is ever gonna tell me that I can't have that many classic Oldsmobiles ,,,,lol....You must really love your wife in order to agree to sell this Vista Cruiser,,,,Personally, I think you should keep it. Try to make your wife understand the importance of car collecting....I'm gonna have to die first before anyone ever takes my Vista Cruiser away from me again. Loosing it once was bad enough, 16 years of depression over loosing it,,now I have it back.....Don't sell it man,,,don't do it...

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