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1939 Cadillac series 61 convertible wood grain dash


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I am restoring a 1939 Cadillac series 61 convertible.

I am trying to find someone to properly redo the wood grain dash. It is supposed to be a dark ribbon walnut pattern.

Tried to contact Thomas Lokay in Florida but I can't get ahold of him.

Any other leads to try.


Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH

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Guest Nancy and Malcolm

Hi Tom, We just joined the AACA, and just purchased a 1939 Cadillac 4door convertible model 6129 at auction at Monterey 8/15/09. We are learning a bout our car, and we were told that there were 7 survivors---We know there was just one up for auction at the wwg.auction in Auburn on 9/5/09---It did not sell, but had a high bid of $55,000. We love our car so far, but need to tweak a few things. We live in Pasadena California, and our phone number is 626-799-9999. I will send a picture. Regards, Malcolm and Nancy Royalty

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Sounds cool!

My car has had the engine newly rebuilt along with the tranny, frame, gas tank and the rest of the mechanicals.

Now, the body has had a lot of metal repair done (mostly floor pans) and the rockers have to be rebuilt. I'm a tall guy and the fellas at the shop are at work moving back the dividing wall (between the front and rear seats) and strengthening the "B" pillars. This would give me a couple more inches of leg room.

Originally, the car had a gray exterior and gray interior leather. I plan to change to a nice dark green exterior with tan interior leather.

The Cadillac LaSalle Club has a new authenticity manual for our cars. It provides a lot of info.

Keep in touch.


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Guest Route66

Greetings Tom,

I registered about 5 min ago and found your thread. We have a 1939 Cadillac 6129 being restored at this time. We received a copy of the original invoice from Cadillac to help with restoring to original color and finish. Carl Cook, Seymour, TN

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Hi Fellas,

The dash that Tom Lokay did for me looks exactly like the photos. Tom did a great job!

Here is the saga of my car. My car was originally steel gray with a steel gray leather interior. The car had been previously wrecked resulting in a bent frame. The previous owner in Oregon fixed that but the car still had a bad driver's side front wheel (bent A-frame).

It was shipped to me here in Dayton a few weeks later. The car was not as advertized (i.e bent A-frame). The engine and carb needed a full rebuild. The radiator was a sieve. The floor pans and trunk bottom werer toasted. The quarter panels were paper thin. The B-pillars could be pushed over by a mouse. The interior and top were totally wasted. The car was essentially complete though.

The only extra stuff that I bought was the grille guard from Bruce Berghoff. Of course there is a lot of chroming to do.

The frame, engine, tranny, and all the other mechanicals are now restored. The main body of the car has all of the metal work done. Still to go are the fenders and top hardware.

All major chroming has been done. Hopefully the project will be done by next spring.

I plan to choose a color scheme from a 1936 Cadillac (dark green with a tan interior).

The Cadillac LaSalle Club has a good Authenticity manual for '39 to '40 V8 Cadillacs. It is quite helpful. I suggest you guys pick up a copy.

Let me know how it's going with your cars.

Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH

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