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plastic parts for dash


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Well I started to take a look at the headlight switch on my 84 Riviera convertible and you guessed it I broke a tab of the plastic wood grain dash part. 2 questons has anyone ever made a successful repair, or does anyone have a part for sale. I only have see the convertible part and do not know if it will interchange with the coupe. Any advise?


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That Riv vert out there that I got that switch from for you, I think still has that part. That, BTW is probably the only part left. Next time I am out there I will look for it.

A little story on that vert, is that a guy I know at my church was talking about an '84 he took out there to junk as it had a blown motor. I told him that not only is it a small world but that everything is gone from that car including the motor...

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Yeah those things are a real puzzel on how to get them off without breaking one of those. I've been taking mine on and off --- and taken many off in junk yards. There's no easy way... What I have found that helps is while you have it off look at all the clips and adjust them if they look like they are out of adjustment. That way your dash inserts will stay put without rattling and next time if you have to take them off they will come off easier. I've had many that the clips were so out of wack the clip would fly off of the tab when it was pulled loose.

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