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1952 250 Convertible Production

Guest BJM

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My Standard catalog does not provide seperate production numbers for the 250. It notes 5,201 total 250 production which was Mayfair and convertible only.

Does anyone have estimates or figures for the 250 convertible based on other available literature?



Anyone have club ownership numbers? How many are listed in club directories?

Finally, would the Packard wire wheels from the 50's fit the 52?

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Jake, apparently the 250 production total wasn't split, however I was once told that of the 5201 produced, 3959 were coupes. I can't remember where that number came from, but I have it in my records. I have a restored coupe and an identical unrestored car. These are very nice driving cars, and we tour with one every summer. Last June we drove it 1300 miles on a Canadian tour. I'm currently looking for new rear leaf springs for it. . .


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1242 convertibles. Seems right. The ratio is about 1/3 2/3 to hardtops. hardtops were hot as a bodystyle and in 1953 the ratio was about 1/3 2/3

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