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Pontiac 1940s Car Club


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Guest Arniland


I would point you to the Early Times Chapter of POCI. Our exclusive focus is flathead Pontiacs which includes 1926 through 1954. A quick check of the roster shows 23 members with 1940 Pontiacs. That said, The 8 cylinder engine in the '40s was built in various versions from 1933 through 1954. The sixes were built from 1935 through 1954. There is a LOT commonality over the years. We publish a 16 page monthly newsletter. As a member, you get free advertising in the newsletter. For more information, please check out the website, www.earlytimeschapter.org . While there are some issues unique to the '40, I suspect that you will find many more which cover a range of years.


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