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'92 Riviera White Leather Option


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I just bought my 2nd '92 Riviera this week. This one has a red exterior with white leather seats/red trim interior option. In doing some research, I found that Buick issued a memo to all dealerships 01/92 informing them that the new option would be in production 02/92 and for available sale 03/92. The codes are:

Base seat - 721=White leather w/blue trim, 729=White leather w/red trim.

14 way seat - 741=White leather w/blue trim, 749=White leather w/red trim.

Does anyone have any info on how many '92 Riv's were produced with these leather options?

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Bought but not yet received! I'm waiting for it to be shipped from Ohio to Massachusetts...will be here in a couple of weeks and then I will post pics. My wife wanted to also get into the Riv hobby, saw this red one online, and convinced me to pursue/purchase it. By the way, the white leather/blue or red trim option was only $100 extra at the time.

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