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Model A Overdrive Speedometer Cable


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Hi Folks:

I have installed a Borg Warner Overdrive in my ’29 Phaeton. I do not have a speedometer cable extension to connect the Model A speedo cable to the Overdrive. I need to know what ends/adapters are necessary to have a cable made up.

I contacted a “local” (there really are none close by) says they can make one up if I bring the car in, but that is really not practical because of our rural location.

The overdrive is an R-10. My first thought would be that an early ‘50’s Ford cable end would work, but I am not sure.

I can take the speedo gear case from the model A to determine the male end of the cable extension housing. I am not sure how to determine the overdrive housing end. I am pretty sure that the cable gear is the same for overdrive and non-overdrive cars. Can anyone confirm that?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Pat

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