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Road Trip USA


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My road trip of last December in a nut shell;

<span style="color: #FF0000">ClicK for video:</span>


every day was only about Buicks (and some other US cars). We visited a few board members, dealers (unfortunately the dealer that once sold my 73 Riviera ran out of business a few months ago (Vincel Buick, Springfield, MO)and yards.

Best trip I made so far... planning the next one already: June / July 2009 (Colorado Springs!!!) Hopefully in a '75 or '76 Electra


Unfortunately Wheatbelt is missing there

A lot more photos (1.400):


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Same here Adam, hopefully in the the future we will have another chance.

Edited my first post; youtube wouldn't let me use the music as audiotrack, so I uploaded that video again somewhere else.... that song was heard at least a hundred times during the trip; Frank Brooks had it on a CD which was the only CD we had...

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