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1927 oldsmobile drishaft


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Throw those stupid flexi discs in the bin,

With the original three bolt yolks on the gearbox out put shaft and the diff pinion, cut and balance a flat steel plate on each and mount a standard tail shaft with new universal joints.

You must get all this balanced.

I used a late 50's nos Hillman locally sourced tailshaft as it was suggested and it is the correct size.

The car has had this adaption for over twenty years and it made it much more driveable. without loading up either the diff or gearbox (the front uni joint slides on a spline which is much more flexible than those fabrics.

My 30E Coach loves to cruise on the highway at 47 mph with no vibration.

Also you must check the condition of the gearbox output shaft rear bearing retaining housing/speedo drive as this is die cast (pot metal ) if this lets go what a mess.

Your vibration could be coming from this cracked, warped or grown housing as this will allow the output shaft bearing to move in the gearbox,and eventually destroy the housing and the gearbox and gears.

We have a chap here that remakes both the three bolt and four bolt bearing housings as used in Olds 30A,B,C,D,E and F28/29 gearboxes

If you need photos I shall see what I can do



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