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Mercer Centennial Reunion pt 2


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Mercer Friends,

I want to update you on the celebration of the Mercer Centennial this year.

The reunion in Roebling will be starting Friday July 10, for those who wish to visit the Plumbo Buckley Antique Car Foundation & Museum near Egg Harbour NJ, the shops of Schaeffer & Long in Magnolia, and a visit to the Fred Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia. Transportation will be on your own, Mercers are welcomed. The events in Roebling include the Saturday parade in Roebling and driving event followed by a visit to the Roebling Museum and the Mercer Exhibit in the museum building. Sunday July 12 will be the Mercer Centennial Reunion on the grounds of the Roebling Museum.

I received an email from the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival to inform us of another part of the Mercer Centennial Reunion in 2009. HHC involves a Concours on Sunday and a vintage race on Friday and Saturday.

The Concours is opening a special class for the Mercer and it will include those cars that qualify but have not been to other concours shows or gathered any other awards previously. In other words, if your car is good enough you can send in some pictures to Paul Doerring and he may let your car be judged.

The Historic Sports Races at Hutchinson Island race track offer a parking spot and parade lap and there is a tour of the old Savannah race course. Those into historic racing, gather enough racing Mercers and they will open a real Mercer only race.

Hilton Head Concours and Motoring Festival runs from October 29 - November 1, 2009. HHC offeres a reduced rate on the all access pass for Mercer owners so we can go to the races and the concours.

The Mercer Centennial Reunion at Roebling Museum runs from July 10 - 12, 2009. The car show is Sunday July 12.

See you there.

Karl Darby

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