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Battery tray for 1988 reatta-

Guest barra

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Guest imported_barra

Mine has rusted away. Is there a compatible tray that will fit? The Chevy service department said they would have "to search for one".

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At one time I attempted a search for just a plastic tray to insert in or on top of the Reatta tray as a preventative means....could not find a single thing that would be workable frown.gif

Por 15 and other products in the product line is good "stuff"

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Replacing the tray is not my issue, it is replacing the sheet metal under the tray. Fortunately the frame rail (well, I looks like one) under the sheet metal was not affected.

Right now I have a FLAPS plastic tray moved about an inch toward the engine to put the weight on the frame rail but want to repair the sheet metal properly, problem is that it is not flat but rolls up about 1/2" into the vertical metal panel.

I suspect it would be trivial for a panel beater but that is an art I have never learned.

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