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1930 Chrysler Compression


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Hi, I have a Chrysler 66. It is getting hard to start and I have to put my hand over the air intake and completly block it off so fuel can be sucked up into the engine.

Does this mean my compression is to low? I have a slverdome head and the compression is around 60 psi per cylinder. Or could it be a sparkplug/ timing problem.


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60 psi is low however low compression could also be attributed to valves not sealing properly lapping these and regapping while the head is off would be worth your while.

How many times did you turn the motor over to get this reading?

If you are having suction problems at the carby check that all intake manifold bolts are tight and that carby mounting bolts are tight as you will lose suction at the carby if there is bypass through one of these joints if it is loose or gaskets are perished

Hope this helps


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