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Event: Waltham History of the Metz Automobile Company & others.


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Join us at the Waltham Museum Sunday March 29th 2009 from 10 AM to 1 PM as we discuss the History of Waltham Transportation.

Featuring a Lecture and Video of the History of the Metz Automobile Company and others.

Owners and enthusiasts of these vehicles are welcome to participate in group discussion share information, photos, and history of the companies and people who’s roots began in Waltham, Ma.

Please reserve your seat today by calling the Waltham Museum at:


Admission is $8.00 per person.

Discussions can include:

Metz Automobile Co. - American Manufacturing Co. - Waltham Manufacturing Co. - Orient Motorcycle - Orient Bicycle & Tricycle - Orient Buckboard - Metz Automobile American Motor Co. - Oriten - Marsh-Metz Motorcycle of Brockton, Ma. - Orient-Aster - American Steamer Waltham Steam Buggy - Comet Bicycles - Metz Company - autogos - Doble Steam Automobile

Find us online at: http://www.walthammuseum.com/event.htm

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We have just been informed that an additional speaker has been added to the program. Gerry Beals will speak on the history and relationship of the Marsh-Metz Motorcycle Co. of Brockton,MA.which was co-owned by the Metz Automobile Co. founder.

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We are looking forward to the Lecture and presentation on Sunday March 29th at the Waltham Museum. We regret to inform attendees that Historian Gerry Beals will not be able to attend and his presentation on the History of Marsh-Metz the Brockton, Ma. connection has been re scheduled for July 11th at the Waltham Museum. Full details to follow.

Waltham Museum Director Al Arena will touch on the Marsh and Metz collaboration.

We have had an overwhelming response to this event and expect a very good showing of owners and historians.

Metz Auto: http://www.metzauto.wordpress.com

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