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Buick Books etc.

Guest Kejsaren

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Guest 39convertible


i saw that someone asked about books for Buick so i thought i could start a subjekt about Buick books etc.

below i attached pic´s on the books i´ve found so far.

is there someone who have other books, please add them here if you like.

it´s very good to seea picture of the book you´re looking for.

also the "newbie" need to know what to look for.


´39 66c



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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Janne:

That's a VERY good start for restoring a 1939. For your information, look at the catalogue on the left of the bottom row. My collection has 2 of them, one in English and 1 for GM of Switzerland that's in German. I had 2 in German, but gave one to the King of Norway (then King Olaf) for his literature collection, as he has a 1939 Roadmaster model 81C. He had his people take about 25 pictures of it and its special features and I still have them in my collection. Obviously, I owed him a very large favor !!

Incidentally, there were 311 USA model 81C's and 53 model 81CX's. The king's car has a body tag number of 364, so you can see it's the last one built. A BCA friend of mine in Chicago owned body number 1. The king's car is now owned by King Harald and so far as I know, is still Norwegian license plate "A1". Sometime you might go over there and see it.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Guest 39convertible


i don´t think mr king of Norway let me in.

but maybe i should give it a try do you have his phone # :-)))

i have a Swedish catalogue a little rough but still very good.

a funny thing is that the Swedish Buick dealer

"General Motors Nordiska A.B" change the model name on 2 of them.

Limited - Imperial de Luxe

Roadmaster - Majestic

i dont know why?

Reg Janne

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I'm sorry I can't at the moment add photos of my additions to this list but '39 books which I also have are:

1)Buicks Busy Acres,showing '39s being built

2)1939 Engineering Information For Manufacturing Division, a book showing and discribing various assembly related issues

3) a 1939 Dealers Album,showing colors and upholstrey materials

4)a brochure for the Great Britain market

5)The Majestic Tour Of Canada,a piece highlighting the '39 Buick Phaeton specialy built to carry George VI on his Canadian tour

6) a small packet of photos put out immediately after WWII in Norway to celebrate liberation,showing the Royal family parading in their '39 81-c

7)Color And Trim For Buick 1939,a spiral bound booklet with all Buick series outlined,which when flipped to the various color offerings of that year show what the car you ordered would look like.

8)Lastly I have a rather large flip chart on a metal stand which would have sat on a dealership floor,which explains and illustrates the new look for '39

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Rdmster:

I assume that's for "Roadmaster". Do you happen to own a 1939 Roadmaster? That's why I've got the 39 literature collection, now some 87 items.

I have several of the same items, but do not have the Norway pictures. Is there any chance you could get them copied as good photos? I'd be glad to pay the bill !! Please send me a PM on this. Also, if I don't have an item that's on your list and you would want to sell, I'd be interested.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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That "1939 Buick Service Presentation" shown by "1939 Buick" above, is the most useful and comprehensive book I have ever seen on the 1939 Buick. I think it may be this same person--if he is Rob Fraser--who scanned a copy of it and sent it to me when I was writing the upcoming feature article on the 1939 Buicks--to appear in the February issue of the Bugle. It was the most helpful source of any that I used. It goes over the car, item by item, and describes everything that is new or different from the previous year's Buicks. Just a sensational piece of literature! Thank you, Rob, if that is you.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Bugle Editor

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I emailed you a pdf copy of the green "1939 Buick Service Presentation" a few weeks back. Also have the same for 1940 as above. They came from the GM assembly plant in New Zealand.

Not sure if green "1939 Buick Service Presentation" is the same as the white "1939 Buick Presentation", which I don't have, but have seen for sale.

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