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3 questions

Don Hudd

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I thank all of you for the help you have given to me. I am a new owner (2 weeks) of a 1989 Reatta.

I do have some questions though.

1. panel lights do not work

2. coutesy lights do not come on when door is opened, but do come on with the panel light switch.

3. rear defogger does not work. when the button is pushed, the light comes on, but does not defog the rear window.

Again, many thanks to all!!


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(1) the most common problem is the light dimmer part of the headlight switch. There are other things that can cause the your problem but not as common as the dimmer.

(2) Probably the switch in the door jam. Sometimes if you do the passanger side they will work. It could also be the relay.

(3) Check the connection at the rear window. Also if you have a meter, check the defogger wire in the window, it could be open.

You should check Ebay for 1989 Service manuals. If you own a car as complex as the Reatta, you must have a service manual. It will be a big help when you have a problem

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