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1940 Buick Special 4dr-for sale


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Letting my baby go:

1940 Model 41 4dr sedan

Excellent, solid-largely original-car. Shows 70,5xx miles. I believe this is the odometer's first time around. The radiator and the exhaust (stainless) are new. The carb, wiper motor, generator and radio have been professionally rebuilt. What it needs depends on you. The paint is checked in spots but shines well. Ditto the chrome. There is a crease across the top of the LF fender where something fell on it years ago. Interior had dealer installed slip covers until just before I bought it and the seats are in super condition. Documentation back to the original owner goes with the car. I plan on listing this on E-Bay next week. Asking $9,000. New toys beckon. esheehy@comcast.net




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100% agree. Thriller bought a 41 like this about two years ago. I think last year there was a 41 on ebay that sold for this sort of figure. I've seen a couple of similar 40's Cadillacs including a 47 60 Special go for $7500.

It amazes me that nobody use Buy It Now or that a BCA member has not snagged it. This is a perfect one to buy with stock options, or 401k cash or retirement funds or whatever baby boomers pull out their hats to buys fifties cruisers, muscle cars so they can sit behind them at car shows. This kind of burns me up. You could but 3-4 of these type of cars for what you could buy a Mustang convertible or a 57 Chevy or Corvette.

I'm 45 and the next shot I'll have at a lump sum purchase is in 3 years. My last lump sum purchase I got an 87,000 mile running and driving 64 Electra convertible for $4700 and enjoyed it so I do do it, I just don't have the funds right now as I am in a huge savings mode, and doing projects.

But Edalfa has a nice ride there, what a great seasonal cruiser. Spring, fall, caravans, decent gas mileage and chip away at the very minor details in the off season.

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Hey, BJM, sounds like the beginning of a new thread! Speaking as a boomer myself, it always amazes me to see some of these guys on the televised auctions, looking like they don't have two pennies to rub together, bidding $100K on some '60's sedan they wouldn't have been caught dead driving in their youth, just because it has the rare factory 4 speed option and the monster motor. Inheritance, divorce settlement, whatever, the money could be better spent. They certainly aren't getting the smiles per dollar that Ed's 40-41 would bring to its new owner.

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