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WTB '68 T-Bird parts

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Have you found your parts??????????


don't have the hood, but do have the grille and front bumper. However there is a caveat. I have about 60% of a 68 t-bird in parts. fenders, inner fenders, doors, rear deck lid, wiring harness, tail lights, headlight, headlight buckets, the door glass and also the rear glass, plus two sets of seats, one is elec, door panals, plus a lot of misc parts. I once made a list of the major parts and called several t-bird emporiums to price what I had, I stopped when the cummulative price hit $3,300. The caveat is this, I will only sell the whole lot no piece mealing. The whole lot for $750. With the distance between us I can work one of three ways, Either we meet half way, which would be about Bristol Tenn, or you make the full trip at your expense, or I deliver the full way for expenses. What do you have a 2dr or a 4dr???? You can get in touch with me at my e-mail address located in my profile.

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