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wtb control box

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I am posting this for our parts department,I work for a chrysler dealer we havea customer that is trying to put together a 1981 chrysler cordoba 6cylinder 225cid. As far as i know this car has leanburn system. the part number for this part is 4145074 chrysler part nimber. no longer advabile from chrysler. it mounts on the firewall and out book calls it a throttle control box which lead me to believe that this is lean burn not to many had lean burn and not to many had a 6 either. its been a long time since i ahve work on one of these. any one that knows where i can find this or has this part let me know. Either let me know here or email me or call 866-584-8689 ask for either mel or Nate (parts manger) any help leads or info welcome.

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