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F.S. 1930 Chevrolet 4 dr. sedan ORIGINAL 4500

Guest 1930

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I purchased this car yesterday from a lady whom was purchasing a piece of property here locally in Florida. She had not yet done her deal so the second owner of the car met us at the property to unlock the gate. The car was in the middle of 40 acres of land underneath a lean-to shed. The car was not as nice as I had thought it might be in that the front section was exposed to the weather for many years. If restoration is what you have in mind I myself would get better front fenders, tops are beutifull but where they bolt to the aprons they are bad, not unrestorable but to me not worth the time, front aprons would be needed, all three pieces, prob. a hood because again in apron area it is bad, all there but not far from being gone. Rockers also are bad and the wood throughout the car is bad. Cowl area is in really good shape except at very bottom most postion, easliy repairable on both side Now for the good stuff, Doors, firewall, entire rear of car are all solid as a rock or close to that. Original paint on all fenders and especially back half of car still shines nicely after washing. Frame as far as I can tell is solid as you would want, I see no major rust at all on frame even in the front half where are the rust is on the body, it is just covered in surface rust. This car is extremely complete right down to the cowl lights, ( although one is in need of repair ) footrest, dome light, pull assist straps, ashtrays, engine drivetrain are complete and ORIGINAL, correct carb/air cleaner, starter, generator, dist.,Radiator /shroud does not appear to have hardly a scratch on them, I bet the rad. will still hold water, no bent damaged fins, original rad.cap, headlights are there complete with entire wiring harness throughout car untouched. This car still even has the original engine pans there although one is pretty rusty but easliy repairable. This car has 4 steel disk wheels that have no problems that I can see and the car received 4 brand new tires in 1951 when the car was parked and believe it or not hold air after being removed and cleaned up. The tires look better still than the tires I have on my 2 dr. 29 Chevy. This is an untouched car all gauges are there and I see NO issue with them whasoever, clean dials and paint on the faces, all pull out control knobs are there and what they say is still clearly visible nearly undamaged. The vinyl roof deteriated and fell in years ago, there is little seat upholstery there but seat springs/frames are there, upholstery on all doors and inside of body is still all there and intact and looks great to me. All knobs/handles ect.ect.ect. you get the point. I am pricing the car for what I know is fair, I know I will get what I want eventually am in no rush to sell, I am hoping that it will not go to be rodded but if I get no response here than I will remove all the hard to find parts and take it to next big car show and sell it to some jackass that will cut out the center section move the cowl back drop some poopoo motor in it and sell it for twenty grand ( life just isnt fair ) as a ratrod. My e-mail is jhason2@yahoo.com, my phone # is 813-655-6322 just leave a message and the car is located in Brandon FL. Car rolls easliy but I have no time or desire to get it fired up.


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