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I found a '63 Cadillac Positraction rear axle today at a bargain price. Too bad that I don't own a caddy to put it in. Would anyone here know if the the third member assembly will interchange with any other GM products of that era like Buick Olds or Pontiac? Are rebuild parts even still available for them? I'm really tempted to go back tomorrow and get it just to have one.

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I don't know how long GM has been building Buicks and Cadillacs on the same assembly line. But, during the Buick Centannial, I toured the local GM assembly plant where I saw both makes on the same assembly line. They were installing interiors on the line I saw so I could tell the difference between makes.

So, I would think your Buick might be a good candidate for that posi rear end.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Mark Shaw</div><div class="ubbcode-body">...I would think your Buick might be a good candidate for that posi rear end. </div></div>

Nope, it's a totally different animal.

Besides, my Buick(s) already got 'em.

Thanks anyways for the reply.

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Guest Bob Call


I remember from my hot rod days in the 50's that lots of Cad and Olds parts were interchangable or adaptable. So, I went to my Chilton's Repair manual and my Hollander interchange manual. On the rear axle they were no help. Most years Pontiac and Olds were interchangable. But, on Cadillac the repair manual says that if there was damage or wear to any part of the third member, Cadillac recommended that the complete third member be replaced and they do not list the component parts separately. Therefore, Hollander does not show any interchange for Cadillac third members or ring and pinion gears. If it's a real bargain there is no big risk if you have room to store it. My guess would be that the brakes and spring perches might be different but the rest probably the same as Olds and maybe Buick.

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