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Dash Restoration


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My two cents:

Series 65 instrument panel has a black board with instruments carrying white text on black background. It might be possible that the ignition lock (only) had another color (goldish) in the lettering. I have also found traces of gold paint at the edges of one instrument board, indicating that the Series 65 possibly had some decorative golden bordering like the Series 75 had. When I remember that stupid password for my photoupload supplier, I will illustrate this with pictures - including one showing why the new instrument faces offered by a vendor can be sort of a downturn.

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Mikz..Are you sure the the gold isn't just white that has yellowed over time? Did you try cleaning up the text and ovals to see if it really is gold? I can't imagine they would be different than the regular 4 door sedan but I have been known to be wrong once before! If the Ovals are white there is a good chance I can get you those. As for the text you might want to try the john Wolf Co. at antiqueinstrument.com.


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Here comes the pictures:



These two shows the early and late types of Series 65 ignition, early connects to a coil in the firewall and has only two fastening screws, late has three and the coil is integrated. The early has a slight hint of gold paint just outside what normally is exposed (and now rusty)


This is a collection of instrument-facias with three repro facias supplied for the 65 at the bottom row, and two original above. The small instruments were different if mounted high or low on the board and ChryCorp in these years used all kinds of arrangements for at first glance identical instruments. As you can see, the vendor missed two out of three high/lows (might fit a Series 62 instead). The pic do to a lesser degree illustrate that the repro text is slightly blurred compared to the knifesharp texting in the originals (especially the very small print).


This shows my restored dash with repro decal over the ignition key slot. I believe it is correct with white text as the repro has, but the lack of gloss in the repro sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the gloss in the originals. In lack of better info I painted the instrument panel semi-gloss black (more correctly, I used a spray-can "high-gloss" which is semi-gloss compared to its surroundings). The outer frame was chromed when I bought the car, correct finish is nickel-plated as all inner brightwork for 29 Chryslers. Those oval non-black portions of Mike's dash, must be from chafing by the instruments.

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I recently bought a 1930 66 CJ and have been working on the interior. New wood in the ceiling, all new headliner cloth is in, door jams and window trims repainted and new rubber gaskets installed. Everything works. Today I pulled out the instruments so I can refinish the plate. Was it originally nickeled? I've removed lots of old cheesy silver paint and some rust. Not sure if I want to send it off and pay for nickel or if I should just give it a good paint job. It will never be a show car, just a clean driver. Any recommendations appreciated.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Qman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks. I'm tempted to go with paint since there is no one near me that does nickel. It's got to be expensive no? </div></div>

Years ago, I had my dash bezel chromed along with the rest of the parts. The car was a 29 DeSoto and the bezel was just a very flimsy outer rim type and was very weak when not attached to the center black face. The buffing process warped it fairly good.

back then, I did not know it should have been just nickel plated. The price for nickel should not really be more than chrome?

If your outer bezel is brass: maybe a backyard substitute would be to "tin" it with soft solder, and wipe it before it sets. Then buff with whichever scotchbrite pad gives the best look?

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