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End of Model Production Run


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Several posts back, some one had inquired as to the last LC produced in 1948. Previously I had ordered the build sheet from the HF Museum and it idicated that my LC was assembeled on

03/12/1948. The consecutive unit # is 181292 and the consecutive body # is 1665. Per the letter from the HF Museum,

the total number of LC's produced in the 1948 run was 1650. This includes coupes and convertibles. Does anyone have some input as to when production ended and what the last consecutive numbers, (unit and body) would be? Thanks, Glenn Lorei (b6vt)

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Guest V12 Bill

According to an article printed in TWOTZ several years ago, the last Continental is in Switzerland. According to OC Ritch the last Continental VIN is H182129. Since all Lincoln V12 manufacturing ended in March of 1948 your car is up there as one of the last V12 Continentals built. The body numbers are consecutive post war from 1945 to the end of model. There were 847 LC coupes and 452 LC Cabriolets built in 1948.

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