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looking for parts for a 67 gs


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GETEEO, I restored a 67 GS400 a couple of<BR>years ago, and at that time no one offered<BR>quarter panels for the 66-67's.<BR>Both J.C. WHITNEY, and SHERMAN&ASSOCIATES<BR>offer these pieces of crap, that look like<BR>they were formed over the edge of a curb<BR>with a rock, they are un-useable, DO NOT<BR>WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE.<BR>I still have a pair in my rafters of my<BR>garage.After I opened the box,saw they were<BR>junk,called them to tell them they were junk,<BR>they told me they know,everybody that buys<BR>them sends them back,but I was'nt paying the<BR>re-stocking fee and shipping, I felt I had<BR>already burned enough money.<BR>Good luck with the resto on your 67GS, they<BR>are neat cars, but very hard to find parts<BR>for. Hope this helps.<BR> Tom Miller GSCA#4202

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