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Need 1955 Packard Clipper Parts


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Hello,I have just purchased a 1955 Clipper custom 4 door project with the 352 v8 and ultramatic trans.!! Everything is orig. and in very good restorable shape for the year! The motor is stuck,It has been soaking for months now with no success,I am either going to have to tear down and rebuild or locate a good used motor,also the quarters are rusted,so I would love to locate fenders that are cherrys if thats possible..LOL!! I am located in upstate South Carolina,Just let me know what parts or even parts cars you have!! Thanks!! My direct Email: BRENTPOOLE@ATT.NET

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Guest simplyconnected

Tear it down, and keep engine damage to a minimum. Go through and clean up everything. Your engine deserves new rings, bearings, seals, brass freeze plugs, etc. You will be glad you did, after you see all the rusty parts.

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