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Steering Wheel ID, Help Please!


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I'm new to the forum and mostly deal with antique mahogany boats. Most of the makers of the period used automotive steering wheels but sometimes its very hard to ID what car it was used on.

Can anyone help with the ID of this wheel. The time frame from when this was installed on the boat in question is from around 1929-1934. It measures 18" across and has four or so small ridges on the front side that go all around the wheel.

Thanks for any help






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Thanks for the post. Yes it does at first but I have not been able to find a Model A wheel that measures anything but 17". These boats were very low production compared with cars so it had to come from some other application. The boat is a 1931 28' Gar Wood. I was in a bar in Ft. Worth of all places last year. Above the door were two old wheels screwed to the wall. One looked exactly like what I was looking for but it only measured 17". So at that point I gave up on it being a Model A wheel. Maybe you car guys know something I don't, that's why I'm here.

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