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1918 Model37 Oldsmobile Pick up truck


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Someone once asked me if I collect antique cars.

Umm.... aahhhh.... well..... I have two. I guess technically speaking, that's a collection.

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The picture of the Olds pick up has always been a mystery. No one knows if it was a one off that the factory used or any other history. Nothing in the literature anywhere.

I noticed that it was sold on the PreWar site but maybe it means it just was taken off the market there. Told Len that we would need to see a lot more pictures. If it were real I would love to have it.

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I have a copy of an advertisement in the 1918 publication of Pacemaker that list the 1918 New Oldsmobile "six" Service Wagon completly equipped for $1195.00 FOB Lansing. This shows a good side and rare view.Plus the tray details. Also the photo published on AACA site was a factory photo taken outside the Office of the "OLDS WORKS OFFICE"

Given how the Model37 is constructed up to just behind the front seat believe Olds could construct any model in the range ie all models are the same up to the drivers seat.Given the age and wooden construction of the tray doubt any would exist to-day.

All info plus owners and parts book are included in what I am selling.NZ Govt. registation of these vehicles are inplace and on hold pending completion of these vehicles

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