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Air Cleaner for 36 Roadmaster (Pic) - How to service


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This is my first time to post a pic and I'm not sure it will work, here goes. This is a pic of an air cleaner for a 36 320 engine. As you can see (hopefully) there is no way to get inside and service this. It looks like the air intake end has some wire wool/mesh - probably copper but there is no way to access it without hacksawing the end. So, how do I clean it and do I somehow charge it with oil after cleaning? My 36 Limited has one similar but it has a wingnut on the end for removal and looks to be made that way.

Also, what about the color? I have seen several internet pics of these air cleaners and some are also red. My Limited has a red air cleaner as well. Thank you for your help!



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Joel, I learned this tidbit along the way after owning a '36 Century. The "torpedo" shaped air cleaners in '36 are not considered serviceable but actually designed to be disposable. The serviceable air cleaners are the "heavy duty" optional air cleaners which are the oil bath type. If you soak/spray/or otherwise clean the gauze as best you can, that's as good as it gets. Hope this helps a little. Dave

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