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moore pictures of the ´39 convertible project

Guest Kejsaren

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Guest 39convertible

Hi guy´s

many people ask me if i have moore pictures from my project

and i´ve added some pic´s on my poor homepage

thanks for your interest in my effort to bring the car back to life and i appreciate all your help.


Regards Janne

´39 Buick century convertible coupé 66c

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Guest 39convertible

Thanks John

the whole idea is to get people inspired and start doing something on their projects.

i know it´s hard to get started sometimes.

Janne Lundquist

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I assume the pic's in del9 are of a car in a museum and not yours (except chassis P1010007.jpg). By the images of the engine and manifolds it a series 40 special ??

Your chassis image P1010007.jpg is interesting in that it has the extra support over the chassis. Is listed in the 1939 Service Presentation built , but have never seen it before on 39’s I have crawled under.

Engine rebuild photos are very good

Have you used the doors from the coupe parts car on the convertible ?

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Guest 39convertible

Hi 1939 Buick

yes it´s a ´39 46c on a museum in south Sweden called "Laganland".

Me and my uncle visit the museum last year and take a few shots for reference, great car restored in the late 70:s.

last day i received a book i bought on eBay.

"1939 Buick Bulletins" and it says that the support could be mounted and they show how to do it .

so i guess thats an running change.

the parts car end the extra frame i have dont have the support

No i have not use the doors, they dont fit on a conv.

I have 3 conv.doors and the y look restoreable.

do you own a ´39 ?


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G'Day Janne

Your pictures do inspire. Every time I see a '39 I get back out in the shed (garage) and do a bit more on my '39 8/40. Thankfully, I have finished the engine rebuild, gearbox, brakes, shocks, rear end and everything else on the chassis and drive train. The fun part is now the body. I’ve just finished modifying the body from a short chassis to fit the long chassis. Thankfully, over the years I have collected enough parts to build 2 cars. It’s now just a case of getting on with it. Unfortunately, life, work and family keep getting in the way.

G'Day 1939_Buick

Your comment re the extra support over the chassis got me wondering if my car had this brace. I had always assumed that all had it as the 3 chassis' I’ve had have had this brace. 2 were the short chassis and the chassis I’m using is the long chassis. I got out my 1939 Service bulletins and read up on it. They refer to it as a “Z Bar”. All 3 had all been welded in place. Always something new to learn !!!


Note to myself……

Must put atleast 1 hr aside today to work on my Buick. Bugger the house ! Let it fall over smile.gif

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  • 7 months later...


a "heavy duty" project indeed but I am sure the results will also be rather fantastic as your 1939 66C is certainly worth the effort!

I am presently restoring a 1939 46 coupe but it was a much easier project to start with.

No doubt your very interesting photos will inspire me when I get started on my own 1941 56C which is really a mess of parts! (Well, that's still a long way along the road...)

All the best with your project!


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Guest p foley

I have completed a 39 century convertible that started in about the same shape as yours. If I can be of assistance with parts etc let me know. The most difficult items to find for the century were the output shaft from the rear of the transmission. It is a one year only part. Also the stream board stainless is difficult if not impossible to find. I still need to find one piece of stainless that goes on the curb side of the streamboard. If you have extras or are going to fabricate same let me know.



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