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OK so I got the $23 GPX MW238B mp3 player and the $10 Scosche FMTR4R wireless thingie and the sound is all I want or need however another issue has ariz: track (or even album) selection.

By track is not a problem with a CD, it only has about 20 and then you select the next disk. With the capability to store hundreds of songs and upwards of 30 albums on a single 1GB SD card, this is an issue.

At what level of device can you select by album ? Each seems to be in a different directory so not hard. The alternative seems to be a stack of 128MB SD cards but that can get expensive.

I would expect at that level the ability to run off the cigarette lighter would also be included.

At the same time things like video, FM tuning, internal speakers, etc. are not necessary, just a music player.

What devices would you suggest ?

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16 MB ? I could only get five songs on a 32 MB card, suspect the minimum for just one album is 128 MB.

Am thinking just about an entire collection could go on one 16GB SD card if can solve the album selection issue.

How do you get from Vinyl to Media Player ? Have quite a collection of LPs.

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Right, Ronnie. Here in San Diego Fry's is constantly running specials for such software. They are often free after the dreaded rebate [i just noticed one for Nero 9 that offered two rebates totaling the full purchase price. Each rebate request must be sent to a different address, and each required the original bar code from the box, which of course has only one.] The RCA to USB cords can be found on ebay for a couple of dollars.

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If your turntable has a magnetic cartridge, you'll need a pre-amp, of course; then connect to the sound card. A program like Easy CD Creator (EZCD) will convert to digital and remove noise. The drawback is that it isn't real good at detecting and separating into tracks. I'm sure there are some newer programs that do a better job. EZCD won't work with Vista, though. Search vinyl to digital and you'll probably find a lot of software that'll work. I've converted a bunch.

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Im a vinyl junkie and analog die-hard - but CDs are nice to share with people and portable so I do some LP to CD transfers. MP3 is compressed & sampled audio, but I do have a phone that plays digital files conv to WMA and use it sometimes with earbuds. Wavs sound better to me than MP3.

I run analog audio from a dbx300 to PC audiocard inputs and digitize and process with software called Acoustica which has decent hiss, click, pop filters and you can manually remove bad pops too if you like by editing the waveform. The auto detect tracks also sux, but you can manually adjust it to make them correct.

The downside to using one of the phonograph-2-data units is that they do not have the quality tonearms, cartridges or drive systems of a Linn, Rega or other hi-end turntable. The capabilites of the table will determine the quality of the captured information. Just like the Reatta, is not a common automobile - a Thorens is going to way outperform a Radio Shacke wink.gif

I have taken some homemade CDs that people gave me and improved them using Acoustica, but too liberal use of the "cleaning" filters will remove information from the data & loss of high freq.

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