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How to remove temp gauge on 1936 1401 Coupe


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You may have to take that pod of two gauges out and then take the temp gauge out of that, but it does come out. I can look at a dash that I have which is not in a car and tell you exactly. There are a couple of small nuts that hold the unit in. My father is in the hospital, so it may be day after tomorrow before I can look at it. You or your friend can call me. Send me an email and I will give you my number. packard12s@hotmail.com

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Ken: The gauge must come out from the rear of the instrument panel; it cannot be removed from the front. So, this leaves two options: removing the gauge while the instrument panel is still in the dash, or removing the instrument panel, and then removing the gauge.

In either case, the iluminating lights for the temp/speedo duo must be removed before either temp or speedo can be removed.

You might also find that the dash bracket which holds the entire instrument cluster in-place is partially covering the edge of the temp gauge, thus hindering removal of the gauge while the instrument panel is in place. In addition, the sloping angle of the dash doesn't help in reaching the screws at the top of the items you're trying to remove.

You may find that it's easier to remove the half-dozen nuts securing the entire instrument cluster, and pull it slightly away from the dash and into the passsenger compartment, in order to have easier access to the related temp gauge screws. (And remember that the capillary tube and expansion bulb must come out with the gauge. Despite appearances, the tube does not disconnect from the back of the gauge).

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Thanks. I have Dave Mitchell talking with my friend. Coincudently Dace actually help estored the car so he's very familiar and explained what you have said in an email to me.

Funny thing about your advice regarding on not removing thetube from the back of the temp gauge. That's what I did when I took my gauge out of my 32 to be restored not realizing what it's use was. laugh.gif

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