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Crushing News Snow Caused Roof Collapse & Damaged Cars

Mark Shaw

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Due to record snowfall last week, Frank Springer's garage & restoration shop in Ariel WA collapsed from over 3' of snow load. The roof is actually inside the shop, one side wall partially collapsed and the other side wall is bowed out.

75 year old Frank was just too tired to clear his shop roof after clearing the roof of his house with the help of a neighbor. The damaged cars include a customer's Chrysler Airflow, Ford Model A, Franks two Packards & his 25 Buick Touring car.

We are currently organizing a crew of old car guys to help Frank remove and store the cars until spring when the shop can be repaired or replaced. I expect the only salvagable part of the building may be the foundation.

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Guest 53Nailhead

That's a real shame! My garage roof started to collapse last year, close to 7+ ft. of snow on the back side. Insurance covered it but I didn't lose anything in the shop. Hopefully there was minimal damage to the cars. Be very careful removing those cars. Support or remove the collapsed walls & roof & shore up the existing walls so no one gets hurt. That's the General Contractor in me talking...


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Guest my3buicks

Every time you hear about something like this happening that involves old cars you just cringe. It could happen to any of us so easily. This past fall when the hurricane came up thru the US and then across our area, I had a massive oak tree come down along side the garage with the Buicks sitting in it. So close to having lost both of them as the size of this oak tree would have crushed the garage to bits. Hope the damage to his cars was not massive.

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