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1914 REO maintenance info?


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I have a friend with the afore-mentiond car, not sure of the exact model - I have a photo, tho. Is there anywhere I can find detailed information, like carb adjustment?

I recently purchased the REO Motor Car Company Service Department Book for $30 from an 'outside' source with the understanding from the description that it included such info - it doesn't.

I'd be interested in any maintenance info, the cheaper the better! I'll consider all options, tho.

Thanx in advance!

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Ask around for a copy of Dykes Automobile Encyclopedia. You would need to know the maker of your carb to look it up. Those books were made for many decades and even one from 1943 gave me the carb info for a 20 Reo.

Or, contact the AACA library and they can research their manuals and provide inexpensive photocopies.

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