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Locking Lug Nuts ------------ No Key


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Guest Greg Ross


Find/ buy a 12 point socket nominally smaller then the outside diameter of the shank on the locking nut, hammer it on and plug in a ratchet/ extension.

Repeat three more times...

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Once upon a time. my grandson purchased a car with the same problem.

We went to NTB, Firestone and Discount Tire and ask if they could remove them...got some goofy answers and prices.

We did discover they were Gorilla brand ...... I found some new ones on Ebay (4 nuts and tool) for less than $10 delivered. I figured it would be a long shot if the new tool worked on the nuts on the car but if we destroyed the old ones we were going to need replacements.

The new tool did not work........

I welded a 1/2 nut on the end of the lock nut and removed them....

Installed the new ones and everyone lived happily ever after.

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We did what we did because the options were small......

There was very little clearance on the sides of the lock nut, they were recessed into the wheel. The tire companies said they could get them off but might damage the rim no guarantees and they wanted $60 ($15 per wheel)

The Gorilla brand has the "key" design on the outside, not the end.

To protect the rim from any welding slag, we mask around the nut and then put a piece of cardboard (with a hole in it) over the nut

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Back in the day there was a "Master Set" available from McGard with all of the keys (I think 10). There was a TSB issued on how to order these kits, 89-3-19. I have scanned the relevant page here.

BTW were the locks available for 90 and 91 models or was that discontinued ?

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I can find nothing in Buick Reatta documentation stating that wheel locks were standard, it appears that the 1988 and 1989 Reattas came with wheel locks. Also there is no code on the "Service Parts" label that indicates wheel locks....a mystery.

It appears the wheel locks were dropped in 1990, although they were available as a dealer installed item.

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