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Adjusting steering for 24 Touring


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Can anyone walk me through the process of adjusting the steering on my 24 DB Touring? I have alot of slop when turning

the steering wheel side to side before the wheels begin to turn. About 90 degrees or 1/4 of the steering wheel. I've been

told that there should only be about an inch and a half of play. I have the manual but it doesn't seem to address this problem. Thanks for your time and expertise!

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The funny thing though, is that before I started the restoration [four years ago] the steering was fine.

After taking the box apart,cleaning it and seeing no apparent wear,I reassembled it,installed it on the frame and that's when I noticed the problem. I think I might have thrown it out of wack in the reassembly. That's why it might be helpful to know what the basic adjustment procedure is so that I can tinker with it some more. What should I be looking for so that I can be sure that the box is indeed worn out and not some boneheaded thing that I did?

Thanks again.


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Guest imouttahere

George, my guess is that you didn't adjust the eccentric bushing on the worm wheel. To do this you need a special thin wrench that came with the DB tool kit; however, a 32-millimeter bicycle headset wrench (it's thin) works perfectly to adjust the eccentric.

I have seen DBs that had virtually no lost motion in the steering box. It really amazed me, but it is possible when everything in the box is in good shape and adjusted correctly.

I've adjusted the steering box on my '22 touring car the best I can, but I still have about 1 inch of lost motion at the steering wheel rim. Someday I'd like be able to adjust it as tight as some of the steering boxes I've seen at DB get-togethers. However, I haven't yet gotten around to removing the steering lever arm from the worm wheel shaft so I could rotate the worm wheel 90 degrees, in order to bring new teeth into mesh with the worm.

The adjustment procedure appears at page 156 of the DB Mechanics' Instruction Manual.

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