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Stanley Museum online Store and the WINKER


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Dear All:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Stanley Museum!

Jim Merrick has emailed the first issue of "the WINKER," the Stanley Museum's new eNewsletter. If you missed it, email Jim at Jim@stanleymuseum.org or call him at (207) 265-2729 and ask him to add you to the email list.

Jim came up with the name, which is wonderfully appropriate. The winker on you steam car tells you about what is going on mechanically and the Stanley Museum's eNewsletter does the same every month.

We are pleased to announce that the Stanley Museum's online Museum Store is now up and running. Log on through the Stanley Museum web site, www.stanleymuseum.org and you'll find 305 items.

Missing back issues of the Quarterly? They're all there, choose what you need?

I would highly recommend the Stanley Dealer Bulletins and the Stanley Factory Correspondence, which we have through the generosity of the late Clarence Coons.

AND COMING SOON! From Estes Park, a Stanley Mountain Wagon Christmas Ornament!

Very best wishes!

Don Hoke, Consulting Director

Wanted: Parts for 1924 Stanley Model 750 and 1925 Stanley Model SV 252. Always interested in steam car literature. See the virtual steam car museum at www.stanleysteameronline.com.



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