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For Sale 1929 Dodge DA

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Hello everyone, I have decided to sell my 1929 DA . I bought the car this fall on Ebay. I wanted to save it from the hot-rodder who was selling it and didn’t want it to go to another.

When I got it home I realized that I know nothing about 6 cylinders or closed cars.

I thought I could learn about the car, But I find myself not interested. So it’s time to look for a new home (with a Dodge Brothers Club member) who I know will take care of it.

The car is very complete, but in need of a restoration.

The body is very good, It has a 112 inch w/b, the fenders are straight and have been worked, sanded and primed.

The motor turns free but has not been started The wood wheels are in good shape, the tires hold air and the car is easy to push. The top wood is all here and I have all the door handles and the hub caps.

One cowl light is missing. All the doors open and close. car is located in Gettysburg, PA

I am asking what I paid for it. $ 4,000

Call during the day 202-297-3532 cell or at night 717-642-8434 home.

Mark.ounan@us.army.mil THANKS , Mark




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Guest backyardmachinc


The radiator shell and the cowl vents give it away a DA also on the engine the exhaust manifold the exhaust pipe will be in front of the engine.the DA generator is mounted on the left (driver side)and is driven by the fan belt.The hub caps will have a fancy DB with a design around the out side of the face of the cap.

Most if not all the engine internal parts will interchange with the Standard"6" and Victory "6"but the block is different at the timing chain cover and there may be other difference.

Until Next time,


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Might want to try and sell it in the buy/sell section of this website, might give someone the chance to own a Dodge that would like to. Dosent look like your having much luck here, its a suggestion as I see that you have not posted it there. I am sure if you hold onto it long enough and keep listing it someone will come along and give you what your asking. Good luck with your sale.

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Late '26 Mark. The only reason I can think of is most everybody else was 6 volt. Have heard old stories about hard to get 12 volt batteries during war years and things like that as well. Becoming "standardized" is probably the same reason why they went to a standard shift pattern in late '27 too.

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